Refsystem – a General Distributor of Heiko.

Refsystem is a dynamically developing company, which is continuously strengthening its position on the market by constantly developing product range and development of high standards of sales and post-sales support. The success of Refsystem is based on 4 pillars: high quality products and services, partnership, responsiveness to Customer needs and qualified staff.

In response to market needs, in 2006 Refsystem joined the Iglotech Group, which includes associated companies: Iglotech Sp. z o.o., Refsystem Sp. z o.o., Neovent Sp. z o.o. S.k., Refrigas Sp. z o.o. and Esprom Sp. z o.o.

The companies cooperate with each other in the field of production, sales, goods supply and product consulting in order to provide the Partners with the access to the highest quality services and goods.

Refsystem – a Trusted Partner

Refsystem is a trustworthy partner, characterized by reliability, for which Customers are the priority – they are the ones who determine the quality. The company puts emphasis on timely delivery and competent service to ensure Customers of the quality of their services. The company’s mission is to offer comprehensive solutions in the field of equipping residential buildings, public buildings and such places as restaurants and hotels, and its main goal is to constantly expand the range of existing activities.

Refsystem is a winner of such awards as “Delta” and “Gepardy Biznesu”, which makes it a trustworthy Partner and testifies to the high quality of services offered.

Refsystem has already won the Delta Award for the first place twice – a prestigious award granted by the Association of Polish Ventilation, which confirms excellent financial performance, dynamic development and stable market position. Delta Awards have been granted since 2015 and since then Refsystem has received the distinction as many as four times! The selection of the winners is based on the economic analysis of companies from all over Poland, and aspects such as the dynamics of industry development and the condition of individual companies compared to the industry average are taken into account.

Another award that Refsystem received for the third year in a row is the “Gepardy Biznesu” – an award granted to the most dynamically developing companies. It is awarded on the basis of the results of analyses conducted by the Magazyn Przesiębiorczości “Europejska Firma” and Instytut Europejskiego Biznesu, using publicly available rankings confirming the company’s credibility and reliability. “Gepardy Biznesu” is an award granted on the basis of sales results and dynamic development of the company.

Refsystem has been developing for years, offering high quality products, very good trading conditions and technical and marketing support, which is confirmed by numerous awards won by the company.

High quality products

Refsystem’s product range includes high quality products – air conditioning systems and heat pumps characterized by modern technology and functionality that meet the requirements of end Customers.

The company strengthens its position in the market through professionalism, Customer Care and a product range in which each Customer can find the right device for their needs.

Devices from Refsystem offer features such as silent operation, remote control via Wi-Fi and are highly energy efficient.

Heiko products have been in the Refsystem range since 2017. They are functional, energy-efficient and reliable. An additional advantage is the elegant design and compact construction, which make it easy for Users to fit them into the interior.


Refsystem assures its Customers not only of the high quality of its products, but also of the high quality of the distribution of the devices, which takes place to the largest Polish wholesalers and abroad to places such as: France, Belgium, Lithuania or the Netherlands.

Interest in the brand’s products is constantly growing. New warehouse spaces where the equipment is stored are created. Thanks to that Refsystem ensures constant availability of its products and short supply chain. This is a huge advantage as products are available on site for End Customers, which also reduces installation time.

One of the biggest Refsystem product warehouse was built in Swarozyn, Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Refsystem products are a guarantee of quality – highly efficient air conditioning systems and energy-saving Split and Monobloc heat pumps are innovative solutions for your home.