The Heiko brand was established in 2018. The success of high sales of Split wall devices meant that the company’s offer was expanded not only to include Multi Split based on wall and cassette units. The Heiko range has also been expanded to include THERMAL PLUS CO+CWU heat pumps with a built-in module hydraulic, heat pumps THERMAL CO+CWU and swimming pool heat pumps POOL.


HEIKO devices are manufactured by the world-famous manufacturer of air conditioners and heat pumps, HAIER. Thanks to its experience and technical knowledge, HAIER transferred its know-how and advanced production technology to HEIKO. HEIKO products reflect the high quality, innovation and reliability that are hallmarks of HAIER.


Heiko systems are not only user- and installer-friendly solutions, but also environmentally friendly. The Heiko brand places great emphasis on user comfort, which makes it a perfect combination of ease of use and care for our surroundings.

Heiko air conditioners and heat pumps are characterized by advanced technology, and their efficiency is based on the use of the R32 refrigerant. This modern factor not only ensures high system efficiency, but also contributes to reducing the impact on the environment, which is an important step towards ecological air conditioning solutions.

Heiko heat pumps are rated A+++ in heating mode, and air conditioning systems are A++/A+++.

Heiko device distribution network

Heiko air conditioning systems and heat pumps are gaining recognition on the global market, which is confirmed by their presence in as many as 10 countries. This is clear proof of the dynamic development of the brand and the trust that Heiko solutions enjoy in the international arena.

Availability in various regions of Europe proves the effectiveness of our devices.

Advantages of Heiko devices


The devices are equipped with a number of additional functions, such as turbo mode and sleep function.

Modern design

Heiko devices will perfectly fit into any interior

Energy efficienty

All Heiko devices have class A++ and higher


When you buy Heiko devices, you can be sure that they will operate reliably for many years

Wi-Fi module as standard in each unit

Control your device wherever you are

Quiet operation

The operation of the devices allows you to work or rest

Refrigerant R32

Reduces the impact on the natural environment

Intelligent controller

Easy and quick operation using the panel located on the heat pump



The Heiko brand actively participates in HVAC trade fairs, demonstrating its commitment to following the latest trends. Thanks to regular participation in this type of events, the company keeps up to date with dynamic changes in the HVAC market, which allows it to adapt its products to the evolving needs of customers. The commitment to participate in the fair is proof of Heiko's pursuit of innovation and maintaining a high position in the air conditioning industry.